September is bringing in powerful manifesting energy and I want to harness this with you in the best way. I feel I have a lot to share and realized that’s my mission in life: share anything I can that can help others live their best life.

This is a three week intensive meditation group with a focus of MANIFESTING and bringing in ABUNDANCE.

Everything is energy and we need to become a vibrational match for the things we want. I have learned and implemented many ways to tap into a higher frequency, in order to become a vibrational match for all the things I want to bring into my life. And guess what? They work.

In addition, Kundalini yoga offers ancient and powerful meditations specifically for bringing in abundance and taking anything negative in our life and transcending it into positivity.

We will be meeting live on three Monday’s (September 9th, 16th and 23rd) via zoom at 7:00 PM. These will all be available to play at your convenience if these times do not work for you. You will be able to have continued access to them.

Through this intention group you will receive:
  • various tools and strategies to set intention in order to manifest
  • 3 meditations to practice that attract abundance and prosperity.
  • specific mantras that guide manifesting and attracting abundance
  • time to ask questions and have them answered through the zoom calls or private email conversations
  • a group energy that heightens the power of our intention and holds us accountable

May you be bountiful, blissful and beautiful!

Sat nam.

Testimonials from those who received this coaching one on one:
“Manifesting was something I knew little about until 2016 when my husband and I struggled to conceive after trying for over a year. It was a very difficult time for us, and I was in a very depressed and dark state. I started to talk to a few people that taught me more about manifesting and setting intentions. Even though it felt weird at the time, I knew I had nothing to lose and tried to set a few intentions and thought about manifesting what I wanted for my future. I kept telling myself, “I am already a mother.” I had to keep saying it and tried to envision it everyday. Even though we were unsure about our future and what would happen,  I never stopped thinking that I would somehow be a mother someday. I slowly turned my depression into positive thoughts and feelings. I kept a journal of inspiring quotes and positive affirmations. Last January my husband and I were ecstatic to find out we became pregnant naturally after years of trying everything. I truly believe manifesting and my affirmations helped to change my attitude and set me on a path of healing. We are due any day now with our daughter and we couldn’t be more excited!”
“Kundalini is my favorite way to feel aligned with the highest version of myself. It helps ride out life’s stresses and emotions instead of being caught under them. It’s like a hug that makes you feel like everything will be ok.”
Manifesting is a magical and fun way to ensure your dreams come true. Setting Intentions helps me stay focused on what I truly desire in life instead of waiting for life to happen to me. It lets you decorate your life in the most beautiful way.”
“To say that manifesting and journaling has changed my life would be a complete understatement. It is hard to believe that only a year ago, the things that I was praying for and manifesting have become my new realIty. Last August, I started to journal, not knowing a lot about manifesting but trying to keep an open mind and be consistent with my daily entries. Before each entry I would engage in deep breathing and follow a specific structure when journaling. In nearly a month, the things I was manifesting had started to become my reality. I could honestly say that when I started to journal I did not have high expectations and I wasn’t sure of what would come out of it, I only knew that I felt better for giving gratitude each day and wanted to continue journaling to see what would happen. From my experience I can wholeheartedly say that journaling and gratitude is the most effective way to manifest your desires. If you truly believe what you want in your life is already yours and you can let go of the fear of not having it already, the universe will do the rest of the work for you when the timing is right. I am so grateful every day that I started to journal and was able to speak to the universe about what I truly wanted to bring into my life!”
“I am in sales and I have a really stressful job. Erika has been telling me to practice Kundalini and specific strategies to help bring abundance and manifest. After two years of struggling, I finally listened and set up one on one meetings with her. It truly changed my life. Both in and out of work. I couldn’t believe everything that she described to me until I actually experienced it myself. Things at work improved. I sold double of what I did in the previous year. Whoever isn’t doing this is cheating themselves.”