Harnessing the energy of the equinox to bring in abundance, prosperity, peace and connection to the higher realms.

Date: Sunday March 19

Time: 6 AM – 8 AM

Location: Sound Body and Mind in Huntington, New York

This is a day to go deep into breathwork, meditation, sound journey and journaling to support you beginning this year in the highest frequency.  A day to gather with community, and connect in this high frequency.

We will be spending the morning chanting the Aquarian Sadhana mantras, practice breathwork and receive a deep sound healing.

The chants help to take your out of your everyday and into the infinite. The energetics of each chant, the timing and the order in which we sing them create an energy healing formula that you will feel as you practice. You go through a spiritual awakening of self discovery from the beginning to the end of the chants.

Please bring a water bottle and a yoga mat / cushion if you would like one. There will be some there for those who do not have one. Feel free to wear whatever you are guided to or follow the Kundalini tradition of wearing white.

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