Feeling the intense energies of living on Earth during these times? This group will help tune up our nervous system and be able to elevate to a space of protection and positive projection rather than fear and anxiousness. We will gather together each morning for a powerful kundalini set, meditation and conversation to help us best navigate the times we are living in.

The group will meet each morning, Monday the 23rd – Friday the 28th at 7 AM EST but replays will be sent right after so that you can access this energetic portal of energy / information at your convenience. By coming together as a group and staying in the frequency of love it can truly transform our energy and emotions as well as the energy of the planet.

In this group we will:
-Use specific meditations and teachings for helping us navigate these times
-Helping us to protect our energy, elevate our frequency and in turn helping the planet through a huge shift
-Learn about the Aquarian Age and specific tips to help us create the New Earth
Each day learn a new and specific meditation for the Aquarian age
-life style and literature suggestions to help protect and utilize your energy.